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Nov 26, 2015

Time for another Ten Minute Podcast PLUS episode. Just because a podcast is ten minutes long, doesn’t mean it can’t be over an hour long. Makes sense.
Will slows things way down and takes Skype calls from loyal listeners who stayed up late to call in. No bits, no characters, no regard for how irresponsibly long...

Nov 24, 2015

Before Chad Kultgen can annoy Tommy and Will with one of his many theories, they annoy him by turning it into the plot of a crappy movie. Then Chad joins in. Then Will sings John Lennon’s Imagine as Arnold Schwarzenegger. Then Tommy does that also.
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Nov 19, 2015

Time for some more in depth standup comedy conversation with open mic comedy veteran David Greco! Today David welcomes Will’s longtime podcast cohorts and huge David Greco fans, the unstoppably irreverent Chris D’Elia and Bryan Callen for some jokes, quips, hilarity, jape, whatnots, humor and of course, walla walla,...

Nov 17, 2015

Will and Tommy welcome Chad Kultgen back into the fray and once again ask listeners to call in via Skype to share their personal tales of bravery in the face of natural inevitability.

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Nov 12, 2015

Bryan, Chris and Will just hang out and say lots of stuff because that’s what they do. But then Will gets super bored and the show gets thrown into autopilot. But also, that doesn’t stop him, Chris and Bryan from just hanging out and saying lots of stuff. But, then, and, also, because it doesn’t matter what they...