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Dec 31, 2015

Will rounds out a month of classic episodes. Today, an all time favorite and ode to friendship. Original air date: May 1 2012
The guys deliberate about which two of them are the best friends among the three of them. Will and Chris unveil their new single that they recorded with award-winning composer and producer 

Dec 29, 2015

Will presents another in a month of classic episodes. Here’s a very very very dumb favorite. Original air date: July 14 2015
When hanging out, Will and Tommy sometimes slip into a weird bit wherein they list random things in Stone Cold Steve Austin’s voice. Recently, the guys asked listeners who follow 

Dec 24, 2015

Will shares another in a month of classic episodes. This one is actually family friendly… seriously. Original air date: December 23 2014
With his parents in town for a visit, Will brings his Mom back on the show to share what Christmas was like for her as a child in Italy.
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Dec 22, 2015

Will delivers another in a month of classic episodes. This one hasn’t gotten any less messed up with time. Original air date: December 19 2013
Will believes that Christmas was invented in Canada and that Canada gave Christmas to America and that Mexico does not have Christmas, so he performs a song about a Mexican...

Dec 17, 2015

Will serves up another in a month of classic episodes. You'll wanna have a listen to this one with some loved ones and then make them all sing like serious dorks too. Original air date: December 24 2013
Chris challenges Bryan and Will to sing a Christmas song totally seriously and for real. No joking. Only serious...