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On a recent episode, Chris shared his controversial belief that sports do not matter. Lately though, he has come to terms with why sports matter. As sports fans, Bryan and Will are interested to hear Chris explain what matters about sports.

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Bryan shows up an hour late and lazily eats Chipotle. Having already recorded a few upcoming episodes, an agitated Will and Chris encourage Bryan to prove his worth and go for it.

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Chris and Will start recording without Bryan but then Chris says tercent instead or percent, so hmmm. Also, do you have to say per se or do you never have to say per se? Hmmmmm.

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Will secretly records Bryan, because why not, and he says lots and lots of regrettable stuff. Apologies to show business, the Callen family, every girl Bryan has ever dated and Dalton.

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Right on! No way! Canadian Brad is so stoked! No way! Right on! He was like laughin! No doubt! Chris and Bryan are so not stoked!

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Bryan and Chris attempt to unravel the mystery and magic of love. Will goes, DADADA BABABOO!!

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Chris believes that sports do not matter. But even though he believes that sports do not matter at all even a little bit, he tries his best to stay open to the possibility that sports may matter to someone else besides himself. Also, Bryan farts. He just backs his rear end up to the microphone and farts. Bryan has been farting into the mic a lot lately. Will laughs very much at the fart. So so very much. Will thinks farts are really hilarious. Past that, Chris talks some more about sports. After the fart part. Hey, that rhymed!

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The guys do some small talk and catching up. Will wears a pietersite stone pendant and that is just not okay with Chris and Bryan.

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Something is very off with very weird Will. Chris and Bryan try their best to level him out.

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Bryan makes a friendly bet with Will that the two of them can write and perform a hit song in just ten minutes. With his guitar at the ready, Will accompanies Bryan and the two come up with an impromptu song on the spot… so Bryan wins… but really, we all win.

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