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Bryan and Will discuss a few different topics before landing on one… Chris.

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The Queen Bee of Urban Comedy sits in for the guys with another episode of her very own podcast! Today on Keeping It Real with Shawna, The First Lady of Keeping It Real welcomes the hilarious, Morgan Murphy! Raise the roof for Shawna! One love!

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Bryan becomes aroused at very inopportune times. Chris and Will are fascinated.

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The guys get a little bored with each other. Ehhbleh! Bleh bleh bleh, everybody! Bleh!

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Bryan gives Chris a compliment. Chris gives Bryan an acting lesson. Bryan gives Chris a very hard time. Will is Switzerland. Or Canada or whatever.

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The guys discuss their fast approaching live show. Also, Bryan tries to fart into the mic. A few times.

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Bryan wants to get listeners of the podcast on a boat for an L.A. good time. Chris wants to give only a specific subsect of the audience a special prize. Will just wants to chum around with his friends because he does not believe in having fans.

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Will has been punched in the face a few times, Bryan has beaten up anywhere from six to eight skinheads at once and Chris has never been involved in anything like either of those things.

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