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Mar 8, 2017

Chad and Tommy would not stop playing with their weird music apps after the conclusion of yesterday’s episode... and Will loves you very very much... so you get a BONUS EPISODE! In the first half of the show, Tommy and Chad make weird music on their weird music apps. In the second half, the guys figure out what to do with the weird music they made in the first half. And here’s a fun, yet 100% MANDATORY, challenge they came up with for the Diamond Listeners among you: Please write lyrics to the music Chad and Tommy played in the first half of the episode, re-edit the music if you want, record and mix your song, upload it to SoundCloud, and tweet the link to @TenMinPod on Twitter along with the hashtag #TMPsupersong. The guys will do an entire episode, however long or short, dedicated to playing and reviewing your musical offerings, be they pop, hip hop, crustpunk spoken word nerdcore brostep folktronica, or etc. Up to you. Thank you in advance for your incredible musical collaborations.
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