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Bryan wants to change things up. Will makes a solid argument to ignore the impulse.

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Bryan and Will take the audience inside their process as they jam out ideas for their two man show.

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Loyal listeners of the podcast will enjoy this episode which unintentionally covers many previously established conventions, including but not limited to… Bryan buying a big stupid phone, Bryan calling Chris a fur girl, Will calling Chris a lazy dolphin, Will saying hmmm, Bryan farting, Bryan apologizing for farting, Bryan threatening Will, Will threatening Bryan, Chris showing Will and Bryan some money, Chris hitting Bryan in the face, Chris coming out and many more. Easily the most Ten Minute Podcast episode of Ten Minute Podcast ever.

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Right on! No way! Canadian Brad is so stoked to be back on the podcast! No way! Right on! No doubt! Chris and Bryan are so not stoked! RRRRRIGHT ON!!!

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Bryan makes a personal realization that he would like some me time away from his family. Chris has a solution meant to relieve pressure. Will helps to explain.

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The guys welcome a legendary musician who has sold close to two hundred million albums, has legions of loyal fans… and is still just a regular guy. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Garth Brooks.

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Michelin star chefs, Oscar Hume IV and Jonathan Tisdale VII return with their culinary podcast, aimed at delivering sophistication to the American gastronomic palate.

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Will shares the entire live set, former open mic comic and current professional podcast sidekick, David Greco performed at the recent live show. A journeyman plumber based in Schenectady, New York, Greco brings his quips, jokes, humor, whatnots, hilarity, jape and walla walla to the stage as the audience along with Bryan and Chris enjoy.

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Chris is sick with the flu. Bryan and Will are never sick so they make fun of him.

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The guys take calls before having the technical capability to take calls in this, their jankiest episode ever.

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