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The guys improvise a gritty TV drama because they are serious actors who are good at serious acting.

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Bryan leans into Chris with some aimless barbs. Will utilizes a phone app to make those insults cool and interesting.

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The First Lady of Keeping It Real is back with another episode of her very own podcast! Today on Keeping It Real with Shawna, The Queen Bee of Urban Comedy welcomes two out of her three favorite comedy babies! Raise the roof for Shawna! One love!

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Chris, Bryan and Will are method actors.

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Chris explains what qualifies as hit based, Bryan explains why he failed to shoot any deer on his deer hunting trip and Will plugs Ten Minute Podcast Live at the Hollywood Improv on October 29!

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Three dudes, five sandwiches, zero communication.

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The future of podcasting returns to the wonder and amazement of Bryan and Chris. Will brings his fully interactive and responsive A.I. podcast interface back after upgrading his invention with a Version 2.0 update.

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Chris left a voicemail for Bryan, asking him a simple question. And Bryan simply wants to know why Chris has posed the question. And Will LLLLLOOOOOOOOOOVES it!

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Award winning rapper, actor and entrepreneur, LL Cool J, joins the guys for a very positive and energetic podcast.

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We're all European.

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