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Michelin star chefs, Oscar Hume IV and Jonathan Tisdale VII return with their culinary podcast, aimed at delivering sophistication to the American gastronomic palate.

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Will shares the entire live set, former open mic comic and current professional podcast sidekick, David Greco performed at the recent live show. A journeyman plumber based in Schenectady, New York, Greco brings his quips, jokes, humor, whatnots, hilarity, jape and walla walla to the stage as the audience along with Bryan and Chris enjoy.

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Chris is sick with the flu. Bryan and Will are never sick so they make fun of him.

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The guys take calls before having the technical capability to take calls in this, their jankiest episode ever.

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The Hulkster himself, Hulk Hogan returns to the show to have a real conversation and do some podcasting for all his Hulkamaniacs out there.

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Bryan finds new and creative ways to be late. Will checks out. Chris has only one thing to say.

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The guys discuss their recent live show, now available for download via all sorts of internet platforms. Chris decides to set some boundaries with respect to his time and how Bryan treats it. Will plugs his new movie, Hit by Lightning. And then, Chris leaves. And then after that, Will and Bryan talk about MADtv stuff because some MADtv stuff happened.

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Chris, Will and Bryan discuss Snapchat and come up with a few of their own social networking apps. But anyway, make sure to not have Snapchat.

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The guys improvise a gritty TV drama because they are serious actors who are good at serious acting.

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Bryan leans into Chris with some aimless barbs. Will utilizes a phone app to make those insults cool and interesting.

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