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Feb 7, 2017

If you heard the first Late Night Chats with Chad, you know that sometimes the guys record late late at night. Late at night is the best time of night for Late Night Chats with Chad. As per usual, Chad’s late night sidekicks, Will and Tommy, are also up too late. They’re great sidekicks who are just there to support Chad, who is the host of Late Night Chats with Chad. Chad loves to chat with our loyal listeners about anything and everything. It’s so late though. Maybe even later than usual. So late in fact, the guys wonder if they’ll even get one caller. But when they do, boy do they ever hang onto him. Wow, it’s so late at night. Thanks Hotdog Ryan! You’re a good friend of the show and w’ppreciatecha! It’s so late. Very late at night in this one. So so late.
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