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Apr 18, 2017

This one devolves before it starts. Tommy is doing a weird bit and then Will starts doing the Hulk Hogan bit and Chad is just kinda hanging out asking the appropriate questions, though he gets steamrolled by Hulk and S**tty Hulk. Then Hulk reads some advertising copy just like he did in the episode when he did that last time. And just like last time, they’re pretty s**tty. The only difference is this time the ads were just sorta sitting there on the table and none of the guys had read any of them since whoever wrote them a while ago just left them there. Probably Chad. It’s Hulk reading s**tty and S**tty Hulk helping Hulk and Chad being Chad and Will and Tommy not being Hulk and S**tty Hulk and long live Ten Minute Podcast!
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