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Oct 18, 2016

Remember the film, Encroachment, the guys dreamt up as they have so many other blockbuster movie ideas? Chad Kultgen wrote a scene from that highly anticipated project and the guys want YOU to shoot it, animate it, perform it with puppets, whatever... just follow the script (attached below) and make it great (but probably shooting it, casting your pals around you would be best, or get De Niro and Giamatti). Also, we're gonna post this stuff on our site or maybe we'll start a YouTube channel dedicated to it or maybe we'll hold an actual lil' screening festival to feature all the pieces. Who knows, let's see where it goes, but FIRST you gotta adapt No God's script to the screen. Oh and also, Tommy Blacha and Will have some notes and Will messed up some stuff and it's a PLUS episode because W'PPRECIATECHA!

Encroachment Scene - Shooting Script

Runtime: 00:22:43
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