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TenMinutePodcast.com is down. Whose fault is that? Chad and Tommy suspect Will.
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Chad Kultgen wants to write a screenplay for one of those movies the fellas like to come up with in ten minutes. Tommy Blacha and Will want that reduced to a scene. They all agree that a scene will be written, they will release the script to you, the beloved loyal listeners, and THEN… anyone can shoot it and share it with the guys and they’ll do some sort of weird online film festival for this one scene and let’s see what happens because this is a fun interactive thing.
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Bryan, Chris and Will record together for the first time in a long time. Nothing has changed.

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Just like the serious Christmas singing they did last year, the guys are back with more totally serious, no joke, for real Christmas singing. Merry Christmas!

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With his parents in town for a visit, Will brings his Mom back on the show to share what Christmas was like for her as a child in Italy.

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Michelin star chefs, Oscar Hume IV and Jonathan Tisdale VII return with their culinary podcast, aimed at delivering sophistication to the American gastronomic palate.

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Chris, Bryan and Will are method actors.

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