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Time for another Ten Minute Podcast PLUS episode. Just because a podcast is ten minutes long, doesn’t mean it can’t be over an hour long. Makes sense.
Will slows things way down and takes Skype calls from loyal listeners who stayed up late to call in. No bits, no characters, no regard for how irresponsibly long the episode ran. Just Will and his dear podcast audience, talking about all sorts of stuff until really really really late at night. ‘Preesh!
Runtime: 1:12:59
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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jean-Claude Van Damme sit in and excitedly share news of their new movie pitch.

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The future of podcasting is here as Will becomes the first podcaster ever to replace himself with a computer program. As a responsive A.I. interface, Willbot 10000 has access to every episode of TMP and the ability to communicate with Chris and Bryan just as Will would.

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Chris and Will talk about internet comments and really dumb stuff like that.

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Chris tackles the hot button issues, bringing his unique viewpoint on global news and current events back to the podcast. Will and Bryan really hate it when he does this but whatever.

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Will decides to multitask and enjoy a salad while recording. Bryan and Chris get all super pissed off and grossed out because they hate salad or something.

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